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Our Team

Project Enablers

Sponsoring Organizations

North American Division, Seventh-day Adventist

Loma Linda University

Faith and Science Council

Executive Sponsors

DP Harris, VP/CIO Loma Linda University

Larry Blackmer, VP North American Division Education Department

Adam Fenner, Executive Director,  Adventist Learning Community

Project Developers

Project Leadership

DP Harris, Executive Producer

Fred Armstrong, Product Designer

Andrea Sayler, Project Manager

Content Contributors

Amy Kimberly (Texas)

Nikki Gonzales (Southern California )

Mitzi Bame (Potomac)

Peter Bayer (Canadian Union)

Ashley Pelton (LLU)

Renee Otts (Arkansas-Louisiana)

Melissa Nash (Arkansas-Louisiana)

Melody Snider (Potomac)

Brianna Payne (North Atlantic)

Areli Adlai Merodio Resendiz (LLU)


Software Development

Ryan Haglund, Supervisor

Brandon McCowan, Lead Developer

Robert Schaefer, Game Developer

Nathan Hernandez, Game Artist

Graham Kampmeier, Game Artist

Jason Dull, Game Artist

Flint Johnston, Web Developer

Special Acknowledgement


We would like to acknowledge the counsel, encouragement, fund and/or effort of the following individuals:

 Matthew Bracks, Eugene Brewer, Beverly Bucknor, Simone Desheilds, Marilyn Eggers, Charity Espina,
Doug Havens, Martha Havens,  Luis Luna, David Steen, Tim Standish, Laura Tobing, Ed Zinke