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  • Are you ready to introduce your students to our new interactive learning environment?
  • Are you ready to give your students time to explore in controlled scientific environments?
  • Are you ready to to streamline your grading activities?

Then you're ready to bring By Design Labs to your students.  Let's go!

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  • If you're a Science Nerd, and you know it and your students know it...
  • If you love bringing exciting ways of teaching science to your students...
  • If you relish the thought of collaborating with like-minded teachers...

We need you to help us improve and expand this project.

What is By Design Labs?

Student Portal

This is the central work area for the student scientist.  They are taken through carefully crafted steps that emulate the scientific process and the natural learning cycle of the human mind.  Primary features of the Student Portal are:

  • Standardized Methodologies which walk students through the Scientific Process in each lab.
  • Achievement Display to house their Ribbons, Badges and Trophies.
  • Exploration Area which allows students to learn more based on the topics they have already mastered.
  • Lab Journal which keeps a multi-year  record of their experiences and reflections.
Teacher Portal

As companion to the Student Portal, the Teacher Portal provides a ready to use environment to streamline the creation, assigning and grading of labs materials.  Primary features of the Teacher Portal are:

  • Ready to Use labs are designed and integrated with the current science curriculum.  Saves time!
  • Customize and Share.  Each lab can be customized to fit you particular objectives and shared with other teachers as they share with you.
  • Easy Grading system allows teachers to review and comment on student work in near real-time

While Real World experiences are often optimal, we also provide several Virtual Simulated Labs.  We know there are advantages and disadvantages to both. 

Virtual Interactive Labs

Our simulated virtual labs provide for a broad range of experiences, no-cost materials and equipment and the ability to try, fail and try again without wastage. 

In addition to several stand-alone labs, we have created specialized expansive virtual environments for our student scientists.  These are:

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Botany Lab
  • Electronic Physics Lab
  • Earth Science Lab

Each of our labs come equipped with Reference manuals, Notes and Charting Tool, Standard Resources e.g. rulers, scales, beakers, etc.


Curated Resources

At By Design Labs, we are teachers too.  We understand the tension between so many resources being available and not enough time to thoroughly vet them for usefulness and appropriateness.  So, we’ve done that for you. While we continue to create our own brand of online resources, we are also practical enough to know not to reinvent the wheel.  Many other wonderful assets have been created by other reputable organizations. We have connected these resources to appropriate labs within the curriculum.


Students will have an opportunity to explore them after they have passed the quiz in the lesson you assigned and from then on by clicking on the Neural Network button on their Dashboard.


Why By Design Labs?

Philosophy of Design

Created and Creator

We believe that true education involves connecting aspects of scientific study to a relationship with the one true God who is the designer, sustainer and the initiator of all that we are able to know. Students will be led to the God of unfathomable beauty and the complexity of creation in each and every lesson. In addition, students will be introduced to some of the world's greatest scientist who also believed in Intelligent Design. They each made significant advancements to the study and understanding of God's world and our place in it.

Why teachers love it

Perpetual Independent Learning

Students will be invited to question the world around them and make predictions as they explore each lab. Careful observation and reporting are all part of the steps built into the portal. All of the information recorded by the students reports to the teachers. 

  • Easy to Start
    • No cost to the teacher or school
    • Access to student prompts and quizzes prepared by content specialist
    • Direct integration to NAD Curriculum and Dashboard
  • Easy to Grade
    • Connects teachers and students in a simple interface
    • No need to go through separate manuals, student by student
  • Easy to Customize
    • Provided devotionals to integrate faith and science
    • Hundreds of links and assets at your fingertips
    • Start with existing labs, copy and customize

Why students love it

Awakening the Scientist

As the student completes each lesson, they are invited to explore deeper and deeper into each subject.  This level of independent exploration is what we hope will build a life on continual inquisitiveness and continual exploration.

  • It’s fun
  • Ribbons, Badges and Trophies
  • Hundreds of interactive learning experiences, directly tied to current lessons.
  • Personal Perpetual Learning Repository (PPLR)
  • Easy data entry and data visualization/graphing
  • Independence in exploration