Sample Labs

Lizard Lighting

This lab is part of the 5th grade By Design curriculum.  In this lab the young scientists are asked  to check the effects of different types of lighting on the Lizard’s comfort.  Be careful, don’t make him overheat!  Ready to take care of your pets and save energy at the same time?  Click Here!

By Design Lesson: 5th grade, pg. 370

In this simulation, you get to drop eggs from various heights to see the effect.  They’ll break, right?  Well, not if you can protect them well enough.  Want to try?  Click here.

By Design Lesson: 6th grade, pg. 216

Zygote Zoo

Is there a correlation between the size of an animal and its gestation period?  How about the amount of offspring it produces per pregnancy?  Let’s go to the zoo to find out.  Oh, by the way, you’re the veterinarian.  To get to work, click here.

By Design Lesson: 5th grade, pg. 175


We all know that sometimes life requires us to adapt.  In this game, you get to raise a herd of lovely creatures and try to give them the traits they will need to survive heat, cold and predators.  Can you keep them alive?  Click here to find out.

By Design Lesson: 5th grade, pg. 96

Grazing Gardens

Come to our very pleasant garden to study the effects of grazing on different plants.  We guarantee you’ll have a green thumb!  The garden gate is here.

By Design Lesson: 5th grade, pg. 116

Build an Aquifer

Ever wonder where your drinking water comes from what effects its qualities?  Try making your own aquifer and see well you can filter out the various contaminants. If you are thirsty, click here.

By Design Lesson: 5th grade, pg. 337

Bone Density

Explore the design that gives birds the ability to fly.  Try this simulation to test the strength of different materials when placed under stress loads.  Will your bird fly or will it crash.  Find out here.

By Design Labs: 5th grade, pg. 77

Reaction Lab

This Virtual Chemistry Workshop allows you to mix, burn, pour and spill to your hearts content without ever making a real mess or costing a dime.  Explore our vast array of tools and accessories while you learn the basics of Chemistry.

By Design Labs:

6th grade, pg. 388

7th grade, pgs. 144 & 268

8th grade, pgs. 204, 224, 287, 328, 423, 439, 453, 458 & 519

Botany Labs

Grow plants from cuttings and test the effects of the environment on them as they grow.  Come work on our “outdoor” potting bench.

To get to work, click here!

By Design Lessons:

6th grade, pg. 74

7th grade, pg. 182

8th grade, pgs. 92 & 351