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Science Collaboratory

New to Yammer?

The Adventist Educators Collaboratory is using Microsoft's Yammer community tool.  We envisioned this as a place where Adventist Educators to collaborate virtually in Communities of Interest.  If you are new to the Adventist Educators Collaboratory, follow this like to request acces.

From this page, you will be able to request access.  Once access as been granted, usually within 24 hours, you will be able to join various pre-existing communities, or start your own.

Do you have a Yammer Account?

Once you've received your Yammer account, you may log in and start collaborating with your colleagues.  Please peruse and engage in the existing communities. Many communities are preformed, but each educators can create her/his own group of three of more people to facilitate communication collaboration and productivity on projects. 

Once you've spent some time engaging in the existing communities, try your hand at creating a community of your own.  We look forward to seeing you online.

It starts with a dream

Imagine a World Where....


Our Adventist schools...
  • are the "city on a hill" when it comes to quality education. Others should look to us for guidance on how to truly develop quality thinkers and servant-leaders for this world.
  • utilize the global nature of our system to bring together cultures and learning experiences that expand our students’ horizons.
  • are seen as the leaders in educational innovations.
  • are the schools of choice for all every parent wanting to give their child a quality education infused with Christian principles.
  • are on par technologically with top private prep schools in the country.
  • are the most innovative and the most purposeful educational system in the world.
  • deliver high quality, cost effective education.
Our Adventist educators...
  • demonstrate the love of Jesus every single day.
  • are examples for directing our children into meaningful, life-impacting, decisions for Christ.
  • make an intentional effort to understand the needs of our learners.
  • harness the personalization, differentiation features offered by adaptive learning systems like Power Schools and Dreambox Learning to allow the brilliant students to excel, while aiding those who need remediation.
  • use active, hands-on, inquiry-based learning that is developmentally appropriate.
  • introduce more technology and PBL into the classroom.
  • use the ideas of 4MAT, STEM/STEAM to address this technologically driven generation.
  • have access to high quality continuous professional development.
  • are able to take advantage of the options for scaling "best practices" and developing communities of practice that Professional Learning Communities (PLC) can afford teachers.
Our Adventist learners and scholars…
  • encounter Jesus every single day.
  • utilize the global nature of our church to connect cultures and learning experiences, expanding their horizon.
  • are challenged, pushed, loved and changed.
  • know that they are unique and have a set of skills and abilities given to no other human being on the planet.
  • know that their cognitive ability is not limited, that genetics never has the last word.
  • are connected to a high-functioning peer group that propels them toward world-changing action.
  • become leaders and thinkers ready to meet the challenges of this world and the next.